Differentiate between bar magnet and electromagnet class 10.

Differentiate between bar magnet and electromagnet class 10.

Here you will find the 4 difference between the bar magnet and electromagnet. These are - 

1. Bar magnet

a. The bar magnet produces comparatively weak force of attraction. In other word, A permanent magnet produces low magnetic field line.

b. A bar magnet is the permanent. So, the bar magnet cannot loss their magnetic field line in a short duration.

c. In a permanent magnet the force of attraction can not be change. It will be remain same.

d. The direction of a permanent magnet (North-south) cannot be changed. The polarity of a permanent magnet is fixed.

2. Electromagnet

a. It can produce very-very strong magnetic field. This magnetic force is used basically in factories to transport goods.

b. The electromagnet is a temporary magnet. Its magnetic effect is only once the current flowing through it. It can be switched on or off.

c. The force of attraction can be changed in an electromagnet by changing the current passing through it or by changing the turns of coil in it.

d. The direction of an electromagnet can be changed by changing the the direction of current flowing in its coil.

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